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Developing Directors, Colin Coulson-Thomas
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Winning Companies; Winning People, Colin Coulson-Thomas
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Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas


New book sets out critical success factors for effective ERPII benefits realisation

Keys to successful ERPII implementation identified by investigating team

Working hard and struggling to deliver benefits from ERPII implementations is not a given according to a book “ERPII Implementation” which presents a critical pathway to success for ERP II implementation. It outlines the critical success factors (CSFs) necessary to deliver a successful implementation in the form of clearly defined critical implementation pathway steps.

Based upon both observation and interviews with those responsible for major ERPII implementations the book introduces a CSF Phasing Model as a tool to allocate resource investments into the appropriate position within the implementation lifecycle. As a result, the CSFs play a more effective role in the delivery of benefits realisation.

In relation to delivering benefits realisation, the book also looks at the nature of change management, how this change is managed and its association with partnership trust. In outlining CSFs required during the four stages of the implementation lifecycle, the book addresses the following issues: Planning for benefits realisation, delivering the system benefits, reviewing the system benefits and exploiting the system benefits.

Given the size and cost of some implementation teams, it is equally important to know where not to invest valuable resources. “ERPII Implementation” highlights areas of resource investments deemed not to be critical for delivering benefits realisation from ERP II.

Insightful feedback from consultant practitioners provides a fascinating glimpse into the perspectives of both client and supplier organisations involved in ERP II implementation. This book will be of interest to those concerned with ERPII and will help towards the delivery of benefits realisation from ERP II implementations.

ERPII Implementation, Delivering Benefits Realisation by Dr Andrew Norton, Dr Yvette Coulson-Thomas, Dr Oleg Konovalov, and Prof. Colin Coulson-Thomas (ISBN 978-1-872980-21-8) is published by Policy Publications ( Further information from:

09 Apr 2014
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