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Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas is an international authority on winning business, director, board and business development, corporate transformation and future organisation.....
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Developing Directors, Colin Coulson-Thomas
Developing Directors

Winning Companies; Winning People, Colin Coulson-Thomas
Winning Companies;
Winning People

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Transforming Knowledge Management, Colin Coulson-Thomas
Transforming Knowledge Management

Developing Directors, Colin Coulson-Thomas
Talent Management 2

Winning Companies; Winning People, Colin Coulson-Thomas
Transforming Public Services


Colin Coulson-Thomas: Public and Other Appointments

  • Six years as Deputy Chairman of the London Electricity Consultative Council. Presented evidence to the Monopolies and Mergers Commission and an appeal to the Electricity Council.
  • Ten years on the Board of Moorfields Eye Hospital.
  • Two terms on the Council for Professions Supplementary to Medicine (HM Privy Council representative).
  • Nine years on the National Biological Standards Board.
  • Five years on the Council of the Foundation for Science and Technology.
  • Hooker Distinguished Visiting Professor at McMaster University, Canada, 1995.
  • Four years as Corporate Affairs Adviser to the British Institute of Management.
  • Member of the Council of the Parliamentary Information Technology Committee for 13 years.
  • Past Chairman of the Crossbencher parliamentary liaison programme and of the Focus Group.
  • Four years as Professor of Direction and Leadership at the University of Lincoln
  • Formerly the world’s first Professor of Corporate Transformation and the UK’s first Professor of Competitiveness at the University of Luton
  • Formerly Dean of the Faculty of Management and Head of the Putteridge Bury campus at the University of Luton
  • Formerly Director of Executive Education and Corporate Programmes, Lincoln Business School / University of Lincoln
  • Has held visiting professor or distinguished visiting professor roles in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, India and China
  • Formerly Chair of the Audit and Governance Committee of NHS Peterborough
  • Past Chairman of the Panel of Judges for the international e-Business Innovations Awards
  • Some twenty years on committees and/or the Board of Examiners of the Institute of Directors
  • Past President of the Society of Company and Commercial Accountants

Colin Coulson-Thomas: Current Roles

  • Chairman, Bryok Systems Ltd (previously Senior Independent Director)
  • Consultant and Chairman, Cotoco Ltd, Policy Publications Ltd and Adaptation Ltd.
  • Part-time member of the business school team at the University of Greenwich
  • Non-executive Director NHS Cambridgeshire and NHS Peterborough
  • Partner Governor Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Member of ACCA’s global Governance, Risk Management and Performance Forum
  • Adjunct Visiting Professor Department of Geopolitics and International Relations, Manipal University

Other corporate clients: have included Al-Suwaidi Holding Co, Blue Arrow, Cable and Wireless, Granada Group, H J Heinz, IBM, 3com, Inchcape Group, Lotus Development, Manpower, McGraw-Hill, ODI, W H Smith, Severstal and Xerox /Rank Xerox.

Other government clients: have included the British Council, Cabinet Office/CCTA, Dept. of Employment, Passport Service, ONS, European Commission (DG lll & Xlll), Derby Royal Infirmary, L. B. of Havering, and Essex and Surrey C. C.

Educational/professional/representative clients: have included Universities of Exeter and Surrey; UMIST/University of Manchester, Institute of Directors, BIM/Institute of Management, CBI, Inst. of Personnel Management, CCA, ITD and Assn. of Project Managers.

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