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Professor Colin Coulson-Thomas is an international authority on winning business, director, board and business development, corporate transformation and future organisation.....
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Developing Directors, Colin Coulson-Thomas
Developing Directors

Winning Companies; Winning People, Colin Coulson-Thomas
Winning Companies;
Winning People

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Transforming Knowledge Management, Colin Coulson-Thomas
Transforming Knowledge Management

Developing Directors, Colin Coulson-Thomas
Talent Management 2

Winning Companies; Winning People, Colin Coulson-Thomas
Transforming Public Services


Colin Coulson-Thomas Webinars:
Talent Management and the High Performance Organisation, 30th August 2011

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Why current approaches to talent management are doomed to disappoint and a practical and affordable way of quickly achieving multiple objectives based upon his forthcoming report Talent Management 2, a quicker and more cost effective route to the high performance organisation.

Many talent management programmes are unaffordable and destined to fail. Talented people can be costly to recruit and difficult to manage and retain. An exceptional talent in one area may be average in another. Fortunes are spent on expensive people who are not engaged, effectively used, or appropriately supported.

Colin identifies critical success factors and what high performers do differently in areas contributing directly to the bottom line. He will show how to liberate and build the talents of both ordinary and exceptional people, and enable them to emulate superior approaches.

He will explain how people and organisations can benefit from capturing and sharing what high performers do differently, and making it easier for average people to excel 24/7 at difficult jobs wherever they may be. Huge returns on investment of over 20, 30 or 70 times have been quickly obtained by early adopters of his approach to creating high performance organisations.

Key learning points

  • Bringing in exceptional people – even if affordable - can create a host of problems if they are not properly managed, which is often the case
  • Paying for talented people makes little sense for organisations that cannot harness or capture and share what they do differently
  • Talent can be built and needs to be relevant to what an organisation is seeking to do and critical success factors for excelling in key roles
  • There is a proven and cost-effective route to the creation of a flexible high performance organisation in which average people can understand complex areas and excel at difficult jobs

Benefits of attending

  • The dangers of current and unaffordable approaches to talent management can be avoided in favour of an alternative that quickly delivers multiple benefits for people and organisations
  • Critical success factors for key corporate activities, and what high performers do differently, have been identified and enable 24/7 support to be provided to average performers wherever they may be to enable them to excel at difficult jobs
  • One can avoid general, expensive, time consuming and disruptive corporate transformation programmes, and adopt quick, focused, cost effective alternatives that generate large returns on investment

Key questions

  • What are the main problems with talent management and how can they best be avoided?
  • Are gaps between promise and delivery inevitable, or is there an approach to building the talent we need and transforming performance that is both affordable and quickly delivers?
  • Is there a way of achieving a high performance organisation and multiple objectives with the people we have and our current corporate culture?
  • Do you think current approaches to talent management are:
      Not delivering?
      Missing opportunities?
  • How important for your organisation is:
      Reducing cost?
      Boosting performance?
      Increasing understanding?
      Speeding up responses and learning?


“Talent needs to be relevant to what an organisation is seeking to do and the critical success factors for excelling in key roles and winning in the area concerned. Talent also need to be recognised. Too often training and development focuses on what we are not good at. Exceptional people may become quickly bored.”

“Many organisations fail to reap the benefits of having access to people who excel in certain areas. These people are not being helped to become even better at what they excel at.”

The Professor will demonstrate practical and cost effective approaches that can boost performance, cut costs, speed up responses, reduce stress and ensure compliance: “Both people and organisations benefit. Exceptional people can have a global impact. They can be helped to become even better and secure the recognition they deserve.”

Evidence shared by Coulson-Thomas suggests “organisations are missing a massive opportunity to benefit so much more from those with exceptional talents. The reality of what can be achieved can exceed the most ambitious aspirations. Those who really understand how to work with exceptional people can make a huge contribution.”


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